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What is the difference between a prostitute and a VIP Campana escort?

Although both services can be perceived as the same, since clients seek sex in exchange for financial remuneration; Campana escorts offer much more than this.

Mainly, the escorts are hired by men of high social status. Single or as a couple, they seek to be accompanied to events, social or work, by a beautiful woman who, in addition to looking spectacular, can represent them and have a pleasant conversation with them.

The girls who are not escorts only offer their clients sexual services in exchange for money; In general, they tend to be casual encounters without any prior agreement.

On what dates of the year do the whores in Campana earn the most money?

Each time of the year is usually different for us. Basically, this depends on the type of clients we have and when they wish to hire our services.

However, something that we should not overlook is that dates like the summer months are usually very beneficial for us. This is thanks to the tourists who come to the area, the business trips of our clients, among other indicators.

Likewise, there are dates when reservations tend to drop more than at other times of the year.

Is there the perfect client for Campana escorts?

Any of us could describe what would be her ideal client for us, but this will change depending on the escort that responds, her expectations and experience.

What we can probably all agree on is that he is a well-mannered, friendly and well-kept customer.

The description will always coincide with the client that the Campana escorts will gladly want to serve.

Can all Campana VIP escorts role play during our date?

The services of each Campana escort may vary according to the number of services we provide. In other words, not all of us offer the same services, even if we do the same thing.

Of course, this applies to the role-playing service, as not all Campana escorts feel comfortable offering it to their clients.

This is not to say that none of us can fulfill this fantasy. You just have to make sure that the girl with whom you want to make the appointment can provide you with this service so that you can enjoy it.

What gift can I give to a luxury escort from Campana?

The Campana escorts love when our clients give us gifts and we know how to thank them very well.

However, the gift will depend on the tastes of the girl to whom you want to give this detail. The general recommendation is that you can inquire a little about the tastes of the escort of your choice or ask her directly what type of gift she would like to receive from you, so that your gift is successful.

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