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Can I use handcuffs with a Carapachay escort?

It all depends on the Carapachay escorts with whom you want to have an appointment.

The vast majority of escorts do it independently, which allows us to choose what type of services we provide to our clients.

Therefore, we have the option to refuse to perform certain services or use certain items during the appointment; such as handcuffs, toys, bandage, brats, among others.

The most important thing is that, before making the appointment, let us know that you want to include these sex toys and if we can please you.

What should I do if the Carapachay escort that I contract is not the one that arrives?

All the escorts in Carapachay take our trade in a very professional way, so it is hardly the turn of any of our clients to go through this situation.

The photos that we leave in our profiles are totally real and are verified. It is for this reason that the chances that the escort with whom you make the appointment, is not the one that arrives, are really low.

Can I use sex toys with a whore from Carapachay?

In most cases the answers will be positive; that is to say, that almost all of us agree with the use of sex toys.

However, it is important that not all Carapachay escorts offer the same services or have the same rules during our sexual appointments.

Therefore, you must consult us about your wishes and intentions before making the appointment in order to consent to the use of these toys during the appointment.

Can Carapachay VIP escorts strip?

Generally yes. We can perform erotic or stripper dances for our clients whenever they request the service.

Also, we can do it with specific music or clothing if they so wish.

The escorts of Carapachay love to please our clients and one way to do it is by stimulating them in different ways before starting the sexual appointment, for this reason, most of us are willing to do a stripper for our clients.

Can I take photos during a date with a Carapachay escort?


Photographs are not allowed in any of the appointments with Carapachay escorts. This is due to different reasons, but mostly for our safety and physical integrity.

In addition, we also take great care of our privacy and the privacy of our customers at all times.

The possibility of taking pictures of ourselves or as a couple with our clients is not viable.

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