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Thalia ZS Canning 300 USD

Thalia ZS (18)

Canning escort
Guadalupe Canning 100 USD

Guadeloupe (35)

Canning escort
Asia Canning 100 USD

Asia (29)

Canning escort
Juli ZS Canning 50 USD

Juli Z.S. (22)

Canning escort
Zalma ZS Canning 40 USD

Zalma ZS (31)

Canning Escort

What is a Canning VIP escort?

The Canning VIP escorts are exclusive escorts who differ from other sex workers by offering escort services to social events, meetings or business dinners. 

These escort services may or may not include sex before or after the appointment or simply not do it.

Do Canning VIP escorts offer GFE service?

The vast majority of us, yes.

This is an experience that gives the client a boyfriend deal; like, for example, holding hands and allows you to feel more comfortable throughout the appointment.

This is an experience you want to live with us! Do not hesitate to ask us if we provide the GFE service, we will be happy to make you live this wonderful experience.

How can I seduce a Canning escort?

From your first communication with us, your treatment must be friendly, polite and respectful. Throughout the appointment do not forget to be a gentleman and be honest with any Canning escort about your expectations in sexual relations.

Obviously, you can bring us a present, something that you have previously consulted with us and that you know will be to our liking.

If you do your part, we will assure you that we will not feel immensely attracted to you. But don't be confused! This is our job, and we will always conduct ourselves in a very professional manner.

How to prepare for my first time with a Canning slut?

The first time in a sexual encounter, whether you are a virgin or not, can be filled with a lot of nervousness and doubt. With Canning escorts this is no different!

Just as each client is different, so are each one of us. There is no specific list of steps you need to follow to make your first date a success.

What you should keep in mind is that you must arrive perfectly clean, be punctual with the appointment time and not be rude or rude.

And allow yourself to enjoy our company!

Can I have sex without a condom with a Canning escort?

Absolutely not! 

This is not allowed under any circumstances, no matter if you are a very old or very trusted customer.

Condom use is mandatory with absolutely all of our clients, to protect both us and them. We do not make any exceptions and we recommend that you do not suggest it during the appointment, it may be a reason for cancellation, since it generates distrust.

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