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Tiffany ZO Castelar 50 USD

Tiffany ZO (34)

Castelar escort
Caro ZO Castelar 40 USD

expensive ZO (25)

Castelar escort

Castelar Escort

Do Castelar escorts accept role plays?

In general terms, yes.

Although the final answer depends clearly on the escort to whom you ask this question.

Usually, we are open-minded enough to accept this type of erotic games and fulfill our clients' fantasy.

There are more Castelar escorts who enjoy role-playing than those who don't, which is why it is always good to ask us during the conversation prior to the appointment.

Do the Castelar VIP escorts work with hours?

It depends on each escort.

Normally, we do not have a fixed schedule and most of our accompaniment appointments take place at night.

Despite not having an established schedule, we schedule our clients, according to the convenience and availability of both parties. This way we have better control and order regarding the number of appointments that we can attend in the same day.

It should also be taken into consideration that some of us like to take days off during the week or month to rest.

Do the Castelar VIP escorts serve women?

Some yes and some no.

The service depends on the Castelar whore you want to hire. Each of us has different services and conditions to carry them out. Some only attend men, others only women and others both sexes.

If there is something that characterizes us, it is that we are open-minded, so you can ask us without embarrassment or shyness.

Where can I have my first date with a Castelar VIP escort?

If you book a first date with us, we will always request that it be in a crowded and public space. It can be a shopping mall or restaurant before going to a hotel.

This is for our safety, it is the first contact, you don't know us and we don't know you. So it's best to have a chat in a public place before the action starts.

Also, you should know that we do not go to clients' homes, our meetings will always be in hotels or in our own apartments.

How do Castelar escorts take care of the client's privacy?

The Castelar escorts are very discreet and reserved in terms of the clients we serve. That is to say, we do not talk about them with other clients, with other escorts and we interfere in their private life.

In the same way, we do not usually make contact with our clients outside of our appointments. We prefer to wait for them to contact us so that we can have a pressure-free interaction, where we can both feel good.

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